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More Reviews Coming Soon


I hope anyone reading this is well. I have been a busy little bee the past few weeks (quitting an old job and starting an awesome new one, yay!). Sadly because of this my energy levels are a little lower than usual. I have a review of Super 8 that I’ve been tinkering with. Currently it’s pretty crappy, but I should have it up hopefully in the next week or so. But the big news is that I am super excited to watch…THE MIDNIGHT SCREENING OF HARRY POTTER TONIGHT OMGTHECULMINATIONOFMYCHILDHOODISHERE!!!
So ya that is going to be freaking sweet. My goal: Harry Potter review in all it’s glory up by the end of Sunday.

Alright…I’m off to make dinner and watch HP7P.1 before I get my brain splattered against the theater wall by the sheer amount of awesome.

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