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Film Reviews from January-March

It’s been a busy year. Here’s a collection of my writing so far!

Individual Reviews:

The End of Time: Painfully slow, this documentary looks at our concept of time, though never really says too much.

All in Good Time: A contrived film about newlyweds with problems in the bedroom.

Weekly Reviews on Netflix Documentaries:

Craigslist Joe: Boring, awkward, and ultimately pointless.

Payback: The Shadow Side of Debt: Fascinating look at society’s ever evolving concept of debt, based on Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name,

Freakonomics: Takes on a number of varied topics and brings to light some interesting data, though fails to give an in-depth explanation.

Vegucated: A great film that follows three New Yorkers as they undertake a vegan diet for 6 weeks.

The American Scream: Entertaining and quirky documentary about “home haunters” in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

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The Forgiveness of Blood

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a pleasant day wandering East Van in the sun and drinking some beers back home (a Whistler Brewing Grapefruit Ale and a Phillips Baltic Porter!). I recently wrote a review of Joshua Marston’s latest film The Forgiveness of Blood for Vancouver Weekly. It’s a great understated film that takes place in Albania, and looks at a modern day blood feud.


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